Ashley+Brian | Married

August 20, 2014

We can not speak highly enough of this wedding. The amount of love and thoughfulness that went into this wedding was amazing. Ashely and Brian managed to incorprate Jewsih traditions, nature, belly dancers, hula hooping, fire dancers, ariel manuvers, gelato, local food and a whole lot of fun! Brian and Ashley, thank you for allowing us to capture your special day. We will be talking about this wedding for years! Cheers!! BriandandAshley-133.jpg BriandandAshley-168.jpg BriandandAshley-183.jpg BriandandAshley-189.jpg BriandandAshley-201.jpg BriandandAshley-206.jpg BriandandAshley-261.jpg BriandandAshley-257.jpg BriandandAshley-255.jpg BriandandAshley-251.jpg BriandandAshley-25.jpg BriandandAshley-245.jpg BriandandAshley-266.jpg BriandandAshley-48.jpg BriandandAshley-54.jpg BriandandAshley-9.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-10.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-107.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-119.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-146.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-148.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-20.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-32.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-54.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-64.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-74.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-78.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-82.jpg BriandAsh~Edited-9.jpg

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