Bend Beer Chase|| 2015

June 17, 2015

Bend is a busy place in the summer and Cascade Lakes Relay's knows how to draw in a crowd. Bend is a very healthy place to live. It is not uncommon to have a race of some sort going on every weekend. Bend is also known as a beer town. The folks at Cascade Lakes Relays are born and raised Bend-ites and decided to combine their love of running and beer into one 70 mile relay around Central Oregon. We had the privlage of driving around capturing all of the happy runners. Poppy (Heidi's 2 month old daughter) even came along for the ride! HLT_7738.jpg BendBeerChase2015-3.jpg BendBeerChase2015-31.jpg BendBeerChase2015-52.jpg BendBeerChase2015-38.jpg BendBeerChase2015-49.jpg BendBeerChase2015-60.jpg HLT_7521.jpg HLT_7504.jpg BendBeerChase2015-74.jpg BendBeerChase2015-25.jpg BendBeerChase2015-107.jpg BendBeerChase2015-10.jpg BendBeerChase2015-110.jpg BendBeerChase2015-12.jpg BendBeerChase2015-2.jpg HLT_7760.jpg //

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