Picky Bar's WR Party|| 2014

November 14, 2014

Last night, we had the opportunity to capture Picky Bar's Wrapper Release Party at Crux in Bend, Oregon. It was a cold night in Bend with the first big snow of the year! Everyone rallied and came out for some great music, beer, ice-cream (made with Picky Bars), tacos, and the first look at the new Picky Bar wrappers! The cool thing about the wrappers is that they used photo's taken by Picky Bar fans who posted them to Instragram with #lifepoints. Needless to say, it was a great party with a bunch of wonderful people who braved the storm. Jesse and Lauren, you've got a great thing going on and we were honored you had us take part in the fun. PickyBarsWR2014-31.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-20.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-6.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-22.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-26.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-84.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-5.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-79.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-7.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-17.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-14.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-75.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-72.jpg PickyBarsWR2014-35-3.jpg

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